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Panels Range

Our fence panels will help define your garden’s personality.
Whether you prefer your fencing to be decorative with classy curves or more traditional we have this in stock.

Our range of panels are pressure treated brown.

We can also manufacture odd sized panels – you measure and we make the panel to a maximum of 6′ high.

Featheredge Panels
Our standard panel is 6′ wide with the height you choose. They are a heavy duty panel made with feather edge timber.

Picket Panels
Our picket panels have a 55mm gap between the slats. The panels are made of 16 x 75mm prepared timber and be can round or square tops.

Trellis Panels
All our trellis panels are made of 16 x 38mm timber. Each square can be 100mm in diameter. A 1′ convex trellis complements a standard featheredge panel.

Panels Sizes
Close boarded feather edge panels.

19 pcs, f board, 4 rails, 1 cap. 6 and 5 ft

19 pcs, f board, 3 rails, 1 cap. 4 and 3 ft

Concave or Convex. Trellis, square, 6 ft x 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1